Surveillance and protection of subsea assets and operations in the Baltic Sea


In this webinar, we will demonstrate how our technology surveils and protects subsea assets and critical infrastructure.

The focus is on the monitoring of assets in the Inner Baltic Sea. An area with heavy, maritime traffic and geopolitical tensions potentially threatening assets worth billions of dollars.

During the introduction, we will demonstrate how our platform can be used to geofence and monitor specific zones surrounding your valuable subsea assets.

“Damages of any type to your subsea assets in the Baltic Sea could be a costly affair and could cause a major impact in your business operations. Using our technology, you are taking the first steps into safekeeping your assets and investments.“

Mathias Balling
Sales Executive, Gatehouse Maritime

A joint webinar with and SafePath

The webinar is hosted by Gatehouse Maritime in collaboration with our partner, SafePath. Our joint mission is to secure and protect offshore and subsea assets and operations.

Safepath is one of Norway’s leading marine monitoring and emergency preparedness service providers and operates in all segments of the maritime industry. Based on 10 years of experience working with the offshore oil and gas industry in Norway, Safepath delivers high quality services from modern premises using state of the art technology in combination with in-house maritime expertise to create value, safety and security for all customers.