The Irish Coast Guard: Gatehouse Maritime helps us take the search out of search and rescue

Tasked with safeguarding Ireland’s extensive coastline, the longest per capita in Europe, the Irish Coast Guard faces immense responsibilities. This case study highlights how their collaboration with Gatehouse Maritime has significantly improved their operational capabilities through the use of AIS-based software and data solutions.



The Solutions to Their Challenges

Maintaining a comprehensive, real-time overview of maritime traffic along Ireland’s vast coastline presented a formidable challenge. The Irish Coast Guard needed an efficient and reliable solution to support their critical search and rescue missions and ensure maritime safety within their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In cases of collisions, groundings, and accidents at sea, the Coast Guard required a platform to visualize and document events leading up to and following the incident.

Gatehouse Maritime delivered a customized AIS-based software solution that revolutionized the Irish Coast Guard’s ability to monitor maritime activities. This platform facilitated seamless tracking of vessels and efficient sharing of vital AIS data with national and European stakeholders, enhancing operational efficiencies across the board. The provided solution offered both a real-time overview of the Irish EEZ and several reporting tools, allowing Watch Officers to investigate incidents thoroughly.

The Gatehouse Maritime system has become a vital tool in our search and rescue operations, enabling us to quickly and accurately locate vessels in distress. Its reliability and precision have been extremely useful to us.

Peter Kelly – Electronics Officer at the Irish Coast Guard




Operational Impact

Beyond traditional search and rescue operations, the Gatehouse Maritime system offers potential for innovative applications, such as environmental protection and vessel management. The system’s geofencing capabilities, for instance, enable the creation of monitored zones for environmental protection efforts or to monitor traffic in maritime corridors or traffic separation zones.

“The adoption of Gatehouse Maritime’s solution has not only fostered enhanced national and European collaboration but also opened the door to innovative applications beyond traditional search and rescue operations. While saving lives remains our top priority, the Gatehouse system has certainly expanded our capabilities,” explains Gerry Smullen of the Irish Coast Guard.

Concrete examples of use cases include Irish Coast Guard Watch Officers using the advanced filtering solution to set up filters showing only anchored vessels in areas that could raise suspicion. Another case is the use of “watchdogs” to set up alerts if certain scenarios occur in a Traffic Separation Zone (TSS).


Challenges and Resilience

Facing unique challenges posed by Ireland’s geographical features, the Irish Coast Guard has found a robust ally in Gatehouse Maritime. The advanced technology and solutions provided, including high-sensitivity base stations, have been crucial in overcoming these obstacles. “The robustness and reliability of Gatehouse Maritime’s technology have made it an indispensable part of our operations,” comments Peter Kelly.

A Partnership Built on Trust

The long-standing partnership between the Irish Coast Guard and Gatehouse Maritime, founded more than two decades ago, saw both parties delighted to announce its continuation in late 2023.

“The technical sophistication of Gatehouse Maritime’s AIS-based software solutions has equipped the Irish Coast Guard with the necessary tools to tackle maritime safety and efficiency challenges head-on. Our enduring partnership with Gatehouse Maritime reflects our trust in their technology and their unwavering support. They have been a true ally in our mission to safeguard Ireland’s coastline,” Gerry Smullen concludes.

In 2023, The Irish Coast Guard choose to renew their partnership with Gatehouse Maritime. A testament to +20 years of excellent cooperation.

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