Solving Challenges for
Maritime Guardians Worldwide

For over 20 years, Gatehouse Maritime has been the preferred choice for maritime authorities, the defense sector, and asset owners seeking to protect critical infrastructure. Here, we present a selection of these cases for you to reflect on and find inspiration in

What our customers say

“We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions.”
Bo G. Christensen, Project Manager at TELE Greenland

“Gatehouse Maritime’s solutions take the SEARCH out of Search & Rescue”
Gerry Mullen, Irish Coast Guard

“Their product and their dynamic working methodology is world class.”
The Danish Maritime Authority

“It is important we have a reliable, versatile AIS management and display system. After testing over a dozen AIS systems, we found Gatehouse Maritime best meets our challenging needs.”
Ed Page, Executive Director of Marine Exchange of Alaska

“The AIS system is a crucial part of our operational setup at DanPilot, and we can rely on Gatehouse Maritime for a flexible and dependable service.”