DanPilot Optimizes Efficiency with Reliable ETAs and Valuable Statistics

The challenge

As many other maritime operators, DanPilot has often experienced imprecise and practically unusable ETA calculations. This has meant many man-hours spent on checking, and double-checking, the ETAs and unnecessary waiting time due to the imprecise data. Pilots often had to sail further than necessary with a customer ship, because DanPilot lacked precise information on ETAs for manually defined points at sea.

Another challenge DanPilot had was how to optimize sailing routes and thereby their time at sea. With limited data on historical tracks, and no statistics on these data, optimizing sailing routes was based on manual calculations. This made planning of sailing routes a time consuming task.

The solution

By automatically calculating ETAs for defined points at sea, DanPilot is now able to optimize the pilots’ time at sea. They spend less time checking the ships for updated ETAs and the reliability of the ETAs simply enable them to service more ships in less time than before. Use of the near-miss functionality also enables DanPilot to produce detailed documentation of e.g. a day’s operations.

By having statistics, such as historical data of sailing routes, planning of routes is no longer based on manual operations. Historical tracks and visual statistics enable easy planning and optimization of routes.

We have saved many hours of double-checking ETAs and unnecessary waiting time by using Gatehouse Maritime’s advanced ETA feature.

– Steen Larsen, Head of Planning & Digitalization, DanPilot

About DanPilot

DanPilot is an independent public enterprise under the Ministry of Business and Growth, with the Danish Maritime Authority as the supervising authority. DanPilot handles the public pilotage through Danish territorial waters from any destination in Denmark to all ports in the Baltic Sea. As the unique full-service provider in Denmark DanPilot offers pilotage to all Danish ports as well. DanPilot is obliged to deliver pilotage in Denmark and handles all types of pilotage. DanPilot’s fleet presently consists of 29 specialized pilot boats, ensuring fast and efficient transportation of pilots from 17 pilot stations

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