How to Protect Critical Maritime Infrastructure: Proactive, Real-time and Reactive Measures You Need to Know

Join us for an engaging live webinar on how to use technology to protect and monitor any asset on or under the sea. At Gatehouse Maritime we have served customers with intelligent tools to protect critical maritime infrastructure such as subsea cables, pipelines, windfarms, oil and gas rigs for more than 20 years. In this session, our Project Manager Morten Christian Larsen and Sales Director Thomas Scott Jensen will delve into the intricate world of maritime protection technology and its pivotal role in enhancing safety of the critical maritime infrastructure on which we all depend.

Date & Time
: September 12, 2024, at 2:00 PM CEST

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How do we protect critical maritime infrastructure? 

This webinar will show you how you can use maritime technology already in the planning phase before deployment of subsea cables, pipelines or offshore structures. You will see examples of how our reporting tools with years of data will provide any risk assessment manager or infrastructure planner with a detailed understanding of where to place any asset to minimize the risk of future damage.

You will also learn how to launch a 24/7 protection of your deployed and active subsea or offshore assets. Effectively setting up a perimeter around your critical infrastructure and setting up specialized event triggers that will warn you only if a vessel displays patterns indicating that it is a risk to your assets.

We’ll even show you how you can use intelligent software tools to investigate and identify sources of damage to your assets.

During the 30-minute presentation you’ll experience how your critical maritime infrastructure can be protected in its entire lifecycle. After the presentation, there will be time to ask our experts any questions.

Who Should Attend: This webinar is designed for professionals involved in planning, operating or safeguarding maritime structures, as well as those interested in the latest advancements in maritime data aggregation technologies and solutions.

Key Topics

Proactive Protection: Data-based, strategic placement of maritime structures can minimize the risk of damage significantly. Use the right tools to asses risk pre-deployment.

Real-time Protection: Geo-fencing is an efficient way to monitor the areas you want to protect, but you need intelligent filtering to avoid information overload. Intelligent pattern detection technology can filter out only the vessels posing a real risk to your assets. You want alerts triggered by genuine threats, not by every ship that passes by.

Reactive Protection: If a maritime asset is left unprotected and an incident occurs—such as a vessel dragging an anchor over a cable or colliding with a wind turbine—incident reports are used to document these events in detail, but also to prevent such damage in the future.

Q&A Session: An open forum to address your questions and provide further clarification on how maritime data solutions can save you millions in repair and consequential costs.


Participants will gain insight into how advanced maritime data technology can lead to improved safety and reliability, throughout the lifecycle of maritime structures. After this webinar you will be able to answer questions like:

  • How do I identify which areas have a low risk of damage to the structure I will deploy?
  • How can I avoid information overload, and only be notified if a vessel poses a real threat?
  • My subsea or offshore structure was damaged, how can I find out what happened?
  • How quickly can hazardous vessel movements be detected?

We look forward to your participation in this webinar that promises to enhance your understanding of maritime data solutions, driving your subsea or offshore projects towards a safer future.



Morten Christian Larsen
Project Manager
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Thomas Scott Jensen
Sales Director
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