Prevent future damage with offshore asset protection

The automated offshore monitoring will enable you to communicate with vessels in specified areas and provides full visibility of supply vessels movements.

It works quite simply.

  • Vessels enter the protection zones
  • System operators are automatically notified
  • Rules can be associated with the protection zones, helping ensure that only the vessels of interest trigger the alarm

These early warnings based on sophisticated filtering and automated communication with operators and vessels are cost-effective ways to help prevent damages to offshore structures.

Key features of Asset Protection

Unite the power of Area Defined Monitoring, Incident Reports, Instant Alerts, and AtoN Monitoring for a complete offshore security solution. Safeguard your assets with confidence, all in one place.

Area Defined Monitoring

Enhance your offshore asset protection strategy with our state-of-the-art Area Defined Monitoring. Through cutting-edge geofencing technology, we enable real-time surveillance of vessels in your designated areas, providing you with crucial situational awareness. This proactive approach ensures early detection of potential threats to your offshore assets, allowing you to respond swiftly and effectively.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Tracking: Stay informed about vessel movements and activities within your defined geographical zones.
  • Threat Identification: Receive instant alerts for suspicious or unauthorized entries and activities within your monitored areas.
  • Customization: Tailor geofencing parameters to suit your specific security needs.
  • Historical Data: Access historical vessel movement data for comprehensive analysis and trend recognition.

Incident Reports

Our Incident Reports service goes beyond real-time monitoring, providing you with comprehensive analytical tools. Gain insights from detailed reports on marine traffic, including density plots, port calls, traffic patterns, volumes, next port marine traffic patterns, and dark ship analytics.

Key Features:

  • Data Analytics: Leverage historical and real-time data to make informed decisions about asset protection.
  • Custom Reporting: Tailor reports to focus on the specific metrics and insights that matter most to you.
  • Trend Analysis: Detect patterns and anomalies in vessel behavior for proactive risk management.
  • Data Visualization: Access user-friendly charts and graphs for easy interpretation.
  • Data Export: Export data in a variety of formats for easy import into third-party solutions.

Instant Alerts and Warnings

In the world of offshore asset protection, time is of the essence. Our Instant Alerts and Warnings system provides you with the swiftest notification possible. When predefined events occur in your designated areas, our system triggers automatic alerts that are sent directly to vessels as well as to relevant stakeholders via email or SMS. This ensures that you’re always one step ahead regarding safeguarding your assets.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Notifications: Get immediate alerts for events such as unauthorized vessel entry, potential collisions, or adverse weather conditions.
  • Customizable Alerts: Define specific criteria for triggering alerts tailored to your asset protection priorities.
  • Multi-Channel Communication: Alerts are simultaneously relayed to vessels via AIS or Inmarsat-C, email inboxes, and mobile devices.
  • Emergency Response: Quickly mobilize resources and response teams when needed.

AtoN Monitoring (Aids to Navigation)

Navigational integrity is vital in offshore asset protection. With our AtoN Monitoring service, you can ensure the reliability of physical AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) transponders and generate virtual AtoNs when necessary. Our zone-specific alarms and event triggers empower you to proactively monitor vessel traffic, enhancing the safety and security of your offshore assets.

Key Features:

  • Physical & Virtual AtoNs: Maintain the functionality of physical AtoN transponders and create virtual AtoNs as needed.
  • Network Integrity: Ensure the integrity of your navigational network with automated alarms and event triggers.
  • Zone-Specific Monitoring: Define geographic zones for targeted AtoN surveillance.
  • Proactive Safety: Mitigate the risk of vessel collisions and accidents by staying vigilant on navigational aids.

Safeguard offshore assets through API 

Available as either a Software as a Service (SaaS) or Data as a Service (DaaS) solution, the Maritime Asset Protection solution can consist of a browser-based interface or be easily integrated into your systems. With this service, you will get access to maritime data through an API and save time otherwise spent on adapting to a new system.

  • Automated warnings surveillance 24/7
  • Real-time monitoring and protection through AIS data
  • Proactive protection based on geofencing technology
  • Statistics and reports, including replay functionality

We’ll make sure that you get exactly the output you need and help you through the integration process from start to finish. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you safeguard your offshore assets.

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Helping offshore industries to monitor their assets

Our Asset Protection Services keep the offshore assets surveilled with early automatic notification alerts so they can react before potential damage happen.

Offshore pipelines

Reduce the risk of damage to sub-sea infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

Wind farms

Proactive protection of your wind farms – and timely responses to potential threats.

Oil and gas rigs

Be proactive in regards to collision threats for oil rig protection and ease the daily task of surveillance and offshore monitoring.

Subsea cables

Reduce the risk of damage to subsea transmission cable infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

Offshore pipelines
Wind farms
Oil and gas rigs
Subsea cables

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