Ensuring the Security, Safety, and Environmental Preservation of Maritime Authorities’ Territory

A Maritime Domain Awareness platform is an indispensable tool for maritime authorities because it enables them to monitor, manage, and respond to a wide range of activities within their maritime domains, ultimately enhancing security, safety, and environmental protection while promoting the efficient and sustainable use of marine resources

Why use our Maritime Domain Awareness platform?

  • Security and Defense
    MDA platforms help maritime authorities monitor and detect potential threats to national security and defense. This includes tracking the movement of vessels, identifying suspicious activities, and responding to potential security breaches such as piracy, smuggling, or terrorist activities.
  • Safety of Navigation
    MDA systems assist in ensuring the safety of vessels and crew by providing real-time information about weather conditions, navigational hazards, and the movement of other vessels in congested waterways. This information helps prevent accidents and collisions.
  • Environmental Protection
    Monitoring the maritime domain is crucial for safeguarding the marine environment. MDA platforms can detect and respond to incidents such as oil spills, illegal fishing, and other activities that may harm marine ecosystems.
  • Search and Rescue
    When vessels or individuals are in distress at sea, MDA platforms aid in coordinating search and rescue operations. They can help identify the last known positions of vessels or persons in distress and facilitate a timely response.
  • Customs and Border Control
    MDA platforms are vital for customs and border control agencies to detect and prevent illegal activities such as drug trafficking, human smuggling, and the illegal transport of goods. They can identify vessels engaged in suspicious or unauthorized activities.
  • Resource Management
    Governments and organizations can use MDA data to manage maritime resources effectively. This includes regulating fishing activities, monitoring shipping routes, and ensuring the sustainable use of maritime resources.
  • Situational Awareness
    MDA platforms provide authorities with a comprehensive view of maritime activities, enhancing their situational awareness. This allows for better decision-making, response coordination, and the allocation of resources.
  • International Cooperation
    Maritime domains often span multiple countries, and international cooperation is essential for security and safety. MDA platforms facilitate the sharing of information and intelligence with other nations, promoting regional and global maritime security.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    Ensuring that vessels comply with international maritime laws and regulations is a significant task. MDA platforms help monitor compliance with laws related to safety, security, environmental protection, and trade.
  • Data Analysis and Prediction
    MDA platforms gather vast amounts of data over time. By analyzing historical data and trends, authorities can make predictions about future maritime activities, enabling proactive measures to address emerging challenges.

“It is important we have a reliable, versatile AIS management and display system. After testing over a dozen AIS systems, we found Gatehouse Maritime best meets our challenging needs.”

Ed Page, Executive Director of Marine Exchange of Alaska

What challenges can our solutions address?

Challenge #1

You don’t have any, or very limited possibilities to protect your offshore or subsea assets 24/7 against asset harming vessel activities.

Challenge #2

You spend a lot of time surveilling your assets and/or alerting relevant stakeholders in case of detected and potential harmful events.

Challenge #3

You might not be familiar with the key vulnerable asset areas when it comes to implementing intelligent asset maintenance or identifying optimal asset pre-deployment locations.

Challenge #4

You are missing insights for identifying perpetrators because you can’t document vessel activities that happened nor replay them.

Challenge #5

You are missing insights for identifying perpetrators because you can’t document vessel activities that happened nor replay them.

Challenge #6

You need to minimize the downtime risk in case of an incident and therewith related business costs and impact.

Challenge #7

You need to avoid expenditures caused by potential infrastructure repairs and the time spent surveilling your assets which can be in the heights of millions of USD.

Get critical information in real-time

With Gatehouse Maritime’s world leading maritime domain awareness platform, trusted by maritime government authorities and commercial partners around the world for over 20 years, you get full transparency about any vessel behaviors in your maritime domain, 24/7.

Visualize past and real-time vessel movements and see a predicted route as well as ETA for specific vessels or monitor which vessels enter a specific area.

We enable marine authorities to create true ocean intelligence for vessel surveillance, subsea asset protection, risk management for illegal marine activities, and successful defense operations.

Use the power of surveillance, intelligence, analytics and data management to monitor and respond to activities in your maritime domain

Here are some of the services of Gatehouse Maritime which are typically used by maritime authorities to monitor vessel activities in their maritime domain:

Dark Ship detection

Detect dark ships and (be alerted about) abnormal vessel behaviors to stop any illegal fishing and other unauthorized ocean activities that could disturb your maritime domain. The service applies advanced machine learning to identify fishing patterns and cross reference it with dark AIS transponders or other indications of irregularities.

Advanced Analytics & Alerts

Investigate maritime traffic, generate reports as proof of certain maritime data points, get alerts about important events, and base your decisions on derived facts rather than assumptions. Generate valuable information from global maritime data reports, which you can share with other authorities around the world: maritime traffic patterns, volume reports, or dark ship analytics are just some of the reports you can (automatically) receive and work with.

AIS Network Monitoring

Make sure your AIS infrastructure is set up and running smoothly: Create an AtoN (Aids to Navigation) network, monitor AIS coverage, transmission quality and AIS data. Receive automatic alerts once your AIS infrastructure is impacted.

Real-time Vessel Tracking

The Real-time Vessel Tracking solution leverages AIS data for real-time tracking, identification, and historical analysis of vessels. On top of the vessel's location you get access to a wealth of information such as vessel destination, basic vessel info and even an ETA at port.

Dark Ship detection
Advanced Analytics & Alerts
AIS Network Monitoring
Real-time Vessel Tracking

Detect dark ship activities

Are you also looking to identify illicit maritime operations (dark ships) as you monitor your offshore and subsea resources? Do you wish to gather additional details about particular vessels that have captured your interest?

Explore Gatehouse Maritime’s Dark Ships and Ship Info Database services to learn how you can integrate them into your monitoring solution.

Learn more about dark ship detection

The greatest worldwide coverage of AIS data

With Gatehouse Maritime, you get the greatest AIS data coverage on the market, both in terms of historical data volume and current geographic coverage.

Why does this matter? Because it empowers you to access comprehensive information essential for your operations, as you will be working with continuously updated vessel characteristics, positions, movements, and behaviors, as well as records and alerts of incidents and worldwide ports.

Our aim is to enable you to create genuine ocean intelligence.

Enhanced intelligence via advanced AIS data machine learning

Harnessing global AIS data, we tap into AIS base stations established by governments worldwide which provide public access to a wealth of AIS information.

Over the last two decades, we’ve meticulously collected AIS data for the EU. Our efforts extend to the rest of the globe, amassing a decade’s worth of data. Can you name another player in the market who has collected this much data, capable of harnessing this extensive dataset to generate advanced machine-learning algorithms? Our goal is to deliver the best technically possible AIS data insights.

Experienced provider to global defense authorities

Over the past 20 years, we have been doing nothing else than building a huge AIS data base with fused and visualized data in close collaboration with our customers that is valued by maritime authorities all over the world.

We have a long track record for providing operational insights to maritime authorities all over the world. This means that we have extensive experience with the special needs and considerations related to the daily work of maritime law enforcement authorities.

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