Detecting and monitoring dark ships

AIS transponders should always be active. Turning the AIS off mid-sea often relates to vessels with bad intentions. With Gatehouse Maritime’s Dark Ship services, you can detect ships and their behavioral patterns to determine whether a vessel going dark has bad intentions.

GPS jamming detection
Identification of readings that are supposed to be present
Unusual behaviour alert
Signal strength AIS spoofing alert and report
False position detection
Suspicious rendevouz detection
Using our platform helps with detecting dark ships and by combining the data, maritime and government authorities, you can quickly create data analytics reports and share the information with other authorities and thereby improving the detection and response to illicit maritime activities.

Take action against dark ships based on analytics and reporting

Collaboration and information sharing with other stakeholders, such as coast guards and law enforcement agencies, are crucial for effective enforcement actions against dark ships. By analyzing data, authorities generate intelligence and actionable insights to support enforcement actions.

With Gatehouse Maritime’s reporting tool, authorities can quickly share and coordinate the information with other stakeholders and take the necessary actions with task forces that can conduct joint patrols, coordinate interceptions, and targeted operations to disrupt illicit activities and apprehend perpetrators.

Effective collaboration and information sharing among authorities and collaborators contribute to a comprehensive and coordinated response, increasing the chances of successfully countering illicit maritime activities – and using the Dark Ship service from Gatehouse Maritime can be the answer for great bilateral or multilateral partnerships.

Dark ships detection requires machine-learning and human expertise

Detecting dark ships is not an easy task. It requires combining technological solutions, data analysis, and human expertise. Continuous advancements in surveillance technologies and data analytics, along with effective intelligence sharing and collaboration among maritime authorities, are vital to improving the detection and response to illicit maritime activities.

Even though advanced technologies and automated systems like our software platform play a crucial role, human expertise remains essential in several aspects:

  1. Data Analysis and Interpretation
  2. Decision-making and Judgment
  3. Investigation and Intelligence gathering
  4. Adaptability and Response
  5. Collaboration and Communication

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