Empowering Defence Authorities in a Complex World

A Maritime Domain Awareness platform is a critical tool for defence authorities to safeguard national security, prevent illegal activities, manage maritime resources, respond to emergencies, and uphold international laws and agreements in the complex and ever-changing maritime environment.

Why use our Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) platform?

  • National security
    The maritime domain is a critical component of a nation’s security. It includes not only territorial waters but also exclusive economic zones and international waters, all of which need to be monitored and protected against various threats, including piracy, smuggling, terrorism, and hostile naval activities. An MDA platform helps in detecting and responding to these threats promptly.
  • Preventing Illegal Activities
    Maritime domain awareness platforms are essential for monitoring and preventing illegal activities at sea, such as drug trafficking, illegal fishing, human trafficking, and environmental violations. This helps in upholding international laws and agreements and ensures the safety and well-being of the global maritime environment.
  • Search and Rescue
    MDA platforms provide valuable information for search and rescue operations in cases of maritime accidents, shipwrecks, or distress signals. They enable authorities to locate and assist vessels and individuals in distress quickly and effectively.
  • Resource Management
    Managing maritime resources is crucial for a nation’s economy and sustainability. MDA platforms assist in monitoring and regulating activities like fishing, offshore drilling, and shipping to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent overexploitation of marine resources.
  • Border Security
    Many countries have extensive coastlines that serve as natural borders. MDA platforms help in monitoring and securing these maritime borders against illegal immigration, smuggling, and other illicit activities.
  • Environmental Protection
    The maritime domain is home to diverse ecosystems, and its health is vital for the planet. MDA platforms can be used to detect and respond to environmental disasters like oil spills, ensuring timely containment and mitigation efforts.
  • Situational Awareness
    Defense authorities need real-time situational awareness to respond to potential threats quickly. MDA platforms provide up-to-date information on vessel movements, port activities, and other maritime events, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making.
  • International Relations
    Effective MDA contributes to international maritime safety and security, fostering positive relations with neighboring countries and international partners. Sharing MDA information can be a form of diplomatic cooperation and trust-building.
  • Homeland Defence
    For nations with overseas territories or interests, MDA platforms help in protecting and monitoring these interests, including remote islands, shipping lanes, and offshore resources.
  • Modern Technology
    Advancements in satellite technology, radar systems, sonar, and data analytics have made it more feasible to develop comprehensive MDA platforms that can process large volumes of data efficiently and provide valuable insights

Get critical information in real-time

With Gatehouse Maritime’s world leading maritime domain awareness platform, trusted by maritime government authorities and commercial partners around the world for over 20 years, you get full transparency about any vessel behaviors in your maritime domain, 24/7.

Visualize past and real-time vessel movements and see a predicted route as well as ETA for specific vessels or monitor which vessels enter a specific area.

We enable defence authorities to create true ocean intelligence for vessel surveillance, subsea asset protection, risk management for illegal marine activities, and successful defence operations.

Harness the power of surveillance, intelligence, analytics and data management

Here are some of our services which are typically used by defence authorities:

Dark Ship detection

Detect dark ships and (be alerted about) abnormal vessel behaviors to stop any illegal fishing and other unauthorized ocean activities that could disturb your maritime domain. The service applies advanced machine learning to identify fishing patterns and cross reference it with dark AIS transponders or other indications of irregularities.


Investigate maritime traffic, generate reports as proof of certain maritime data points, get alerts about important events, and base your decisions on derived facts rather than assumptions. Generate valuable information from global maritime data reports, which you can share with other authorities around the world: Marine traffic patterns, volume reports, or dark ship analytics are just some of the reports you can automatically receive and work with.

Ship information database

One database with worldwide vessel information at one glance. No need to cross check data over several sources. Save time and just search our historic, real-time, and predictive AIS data base for essential vessel information, such as visualization, owners, IMO, vessel characteristics, managers, sanctions, and port calls.

Data management

Gain ultimate ocean intelligence by managing and making sense of large volumes of maritime data from different terrestrial and satellite sources and providers. We enable you to work with cleaned AIS data points, because we allow your AIS data sources to work together effectively.

AIS service management

Make sure your AIS infrastructure is set up and running smoothly: Create an AtoN (Aids to Navigation) network, monitor AIS coverage, transmission quality and AIS data. Receive automatic alerts once your AIS infrastructure is impacted.

Dark Ship detection
Ship information database
Data management
AIS service management

Identify perpetrators and investigate events

Around 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea. The amount of ships passing through territorial waters represents daily challenges to the world’s law enforcement authorities with regards to identifying and screening vessels. Maritime Intelligence automates screening and control processes, securing that the time is only spent on the real perpetrators. Having identified a suspicious vessel, the solution can help you answer questions like:

  • Where does the ship come from?
  • What route did it take?
  • Which ports where on the route?
  • Does the route deviate from the last visits?
  • Are there suspicious patterns with other ships?

Enhanced intelligence via advanced AIS data machine learning

Harnessing global AIS data, we tap into AIS base stations established by governments worldwide which provide public access to a wealth of AIS information.

Over the last two decades, we’ve meticulously collected AIS data for the EU. Our efforts extend to the rest of the globe, amassing a decade’s worth of data. Can you name another player in the market who has collected this much data, capable of harnessing this extensive dataset to generate advanced machine-learning algorithms? Our goal is to deliver the best technically possible AIS data insights.

The greatest worldwide coverage of AIS data

With our solution, you get the greatest AIS data coverage on the market, both in terms of historical data volume and current geographic coverage.

Why does this matter? Because it empowers you to access comprehensive information essential for your operations, as you will be working with continuously updated vessel characteristics, positions, movements, and behaviors, as well as records and alerts of incidents and worldwide ports.

Our aim is to enable you to create genuine ocean intelligence.

Experienced provider to global defence authorities

Over the past 20 years, we have been doing nothing else than building a huge AIS data base with fused and visualized data in close collaboration with our customers that is valued by maritime authorities all over the world.

We have a long track record for providing operational insights to maritime authorities all over the world. This means that we have extensive experience with the special needs and considerations related to the daily work of maritime law enforcement authorities.

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