Critical information in real-time

With the GateHouse Maritime AIS tracking system used for operations by maritime authorities and commercial partners around the world for over 20 years, you get more than just a display system showing ships’ position in real-time. You get an interactive and flexible vessel monitoring system for managing the maritime domain with world-class functionality and usability, which will help you optimize your operations and drive even more business opportunities.

Real-time and historical AIS data

Within Maritime Surveillance you find the tools you need for vessel monitoring and managing the maritime domain with world-class functionality and usability.

In short: All the tools you need to monitor and analyze your real-time and historical AIS data.

and flexible

The user-friendly and flexible design ensures that you are provided with an efficient and intuitive tool for displaying maritime AIS data.

These tools deliver a comprehensive and operational maritime overview.

AIS data accessible from anywhere

The Maritime Surveillance tools are accessible from any device with an internet connection and a standard browser.

It is ideal for distributing maritime data to several users in different locations.

How we can help

Real-time and historical data delivered in a user-friendly format for situational awareness without information overload. Extract valuable information from maritime data and drill down to investigate maritime traffic and base your decisions on derived facts rather than assumptions; manage large volumes of data from terrestrial and satellite sources.

  • Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Data Management


One of the latest features added to the solution enables identification and documentation of illegal fishing. The feature applies advanced machine learning to identify fishing patterns and cross referencing it with dark AIS responders or other indications of irregularities.

When it comes to data recording, data fusing, data mining, and data visualization, GateHouse Maritime is second to none. Both historical and real-time data are available in the solution and you can share information online across international borders. We help our customers conquer the vast sea of data and convert numbers into meaning.

We have a long track record for providing operational pictures and features to maritime authorities all over the world. This means that we have extensive experience with the special needs and considerations related to the daily work of maritime law enforcement authorities.


Maritime Analytics

Are you experiencing bottlenecks or inefficient workflows in your daily operations? Maritime analytics can provide you with the data needed to make fact-based decisions. The reports can be automated for easy access and distribution to relevant maritime operators. This can be particularly helpful for planning resources and avoiding bottlenecks – to the benefit of all involved within your maritime operations.

How many vessels entered your port or a competing port last year? Which vessels passed through your waters, and how many were carrying dangerous cargo? Does your AtoNs match and support the actual vessel traffic?

Statistical features enable you to answer questions like these regarding vessel traffic in your domain. We provide you with the most advanced and user-friendly maritime statistic features on the market to turn data into meaning.


Data Management

The Maritime Data Management solution is the backbone of the location network for maritime authorities worldwide, managing large volumes of data from terrestrial and satellite sources.

Our Maritime Data Management solution is modular and can be scaled to meet any organization’s requirements for the management and distribution of AIS data.This solution is the ideal solution for professionals needing the very best for their data management.

The solution is modular and can be scaled to meet any organization’s requirements for the management and distribution of location data.

This solution is aligned with IALA A-124 guidelines for AIS Logical Shore Stations.

The Maritime Data Management solution includes:

 –    Logical Shore Station (LSS)
–    LSS Interface Server, Proxy
–    Database and Database LSS
–    Replay Server components


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