Gatehouse Maritime’s Analytics service in a nutshell

To turn data into meaning, we provide you with the most advanced and user-friendly maritime analytics service on the market. Choose from more than 30 different reports for all kinds of special insight needs, ranging from coverage to diverse statistical reports:

Analysis of marine traffic and ship types in your maritime domain, density plots, port calls, traffic volumes, fishing patterns, next port marine traffic patterns, your AtoN network, ships carrying dangerous cargo, turned off AIS transponders or other dark ship analytics are just some of the reports and event alerts which you can (automatically) receive and work with.

What can you achieve with Analytics?

Drill down your maritime data in a smart way to get exactly the data insights you need, be alerted about important events, and achieve the following benefits. Hover over each one to learn more.

Avoid bottlenecks and inefficient workflows

Avoid bottlenecks and inefficient workflows

Are you experiencing bottlenecks or inefficient workflows in your daily operations? Maritime analytics can provide you with the data needed to make fact-based decisions that can optimize your workflows and operations.

Generate insights through efficient reporting management

Generate insights through efficient reporting management

Avoid the time-consuming creation and distribution of maritime reports that you need to see repeatedly. First, create customized reports limited to specific criteria, such periods of time, types of vessels, or plot formats. Then, automate them for easy access and distribution to relevant stakeholders via mail in excel or PDF format.

Fact based decisions

Fact based decisions

Base decisions for your operations on facts, rather than loose assumptions or misled insights caused by data overflow. With OceanIntel’s Analytics service, you get a wide range of reporting options that you can easily generate and use to extract exactly the insights you need.

Intelligent event detection and alerts

Intelligent event detection and alerts

Take proactive measures to potential threats in your maritime domain that require your immediate attention. Receive instant alerts for specified events in your area. An automatic warning message is also sent directly to the vessel and via e-mail or SMS to defined relevant stakeholders.

Prove activities to authorities and insurances

Prove activities to authorities and insurances

Do you need to report your maritime operations to authorities? Or have you experienced an incident in your maritime domain or with your subsea assets and infrastructure and now need proof for investigations and your insurance to release the money you should be getting? Insightful maritime reports are highly valuable when it comes to proving activities to authorities and insurances.

Cost reductions and competitor analysis

Cost reductions and competitor analysis

Know where you can optimize your operations to reduce costs through insightful maritime data. Some of the most popular analytics that you can use to obtain cost reductions include condition-based maintenance, environmental regulation compliance, and fuel consumption reports. AIS data analytics can also be used to estimate your competitors’ operations with useful information on volumes, vessel types or timings of the maritime traffic they handle. The possibilities are practically endless and relevant to any maritime operator.

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A quick overview of Analytics’ features

Gatehouse Maritime’s Analytics service is powered by a versatile reporting feature which is coupled to detecting events and alerting you about them. You can create any report you need. Analysis of marine traffic, density plots, port calls, traffic patterns, volumes, next port marine traffic patterns, or dark ship analytics are just some of the reports and event alerts which you can (automatically) receive and work with for your operations:




Event detection




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Both options work for us, as OceanIntel is available as a SaaS and DaaS solution. The DaaS solution can handle all maritime related data input sources such as AIS, radar, satellite AIS, LRIT, etc.

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