AIS Network Monitoring ensures smooth operations

With AIS Network Monitoring service, you can manage and monitor your AIS network remotely, ultimately boosting your operational efficiency. To ensure maritime safety and efficiency, the industry relies on cutting-edge technologies, with the Automatic Identification System (AIS) playing a crucial role. AIS is essential for tracking vessels and preventing collisions, ensuring the smooth flow of maritime traffic.

Effective AIS network operation requires constant monitoring and management. Maritime AIS Network Monitoring transforms how we monitor and optimize these vital systems. Our AIS Network Monitoring service is aligned with the IALA A-124 standard, ensuring the highest level of reliability and accuracy in maritime data collection and analysis

Key advantages

  • Reliability and Peace of Mind
    A well-managed AIS network is essential for your profitability and reducing your troubleshooting time. As a network operator, you can rest assured knowing that your network is operating smoothly with AIS Network Monitoring. You can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive timely alerts in the event of any issues.
  • Cost Savings
    Efficient operations lead to cost savings. AIS Network Monitoring helps reduce downtime costs by identifying and resolving issues quickly and effectively. It also helps save costs by removing the need for manual monitoring, given the presence of automated alarms.
  • Data Analytics
    With the aid of sophisticated data analytics tools, trends and patterns can be identified, allowing for predictive maintenance and the development of more efficient operational strategies.

Features of AIS Network Monitoring

Coverage Monitoring
Monitor your antennas, cables, and receivers, and gain a visual insight into your network’s coverage. We offer alerts to notify you when your receiver coverage diminishes.


Data Monitoring
Monitor your network connections to ensure efficiency and reliability, considering aspects like connectivity, data usage, latency, interruptions, and signal quality for a smooth operation.


Transmission Monitoring
Continuous monitoring ensures message stream integrity, consistently matching sent and received messages for verification, detecting spoofed messages by source MMSI.

AtoN Monitoring
AtoN monitoring streamlines AIS Aids to Navigation management with automation, virtual AtoN transmission, alarms, and alerts for cost-effective operations and improved awareness.


GPS Jamming Detection
In the modern maritime realm, GPS jamming imperils safety, navigation, and integrity. Our system automatically identifies ship losses caused by GPS signal disruptions.


VHF Data Link Monitoring
Gatehouse Maritime provides an interface to monitor the VHF Data Link (VDL) for AIS base stations in your network. The VDL load, slot transmission allocations and slot reservations information are available for monitoring purposes.

What challenges can AIS Service Management address?

Challenge #1

Your current solution does not enable you to monitor all your AIS systems’ performance at one glance, which makes AIS service management time-consuming and inconvenient, because you must go through several systems to get the info and overview you need.

Challenge #2

You don’t know how to ensure that your AIS systems are performing as required and not compromised with regards to AIS data coverage and transmissions (e.g., message rates, sensor drops, VHF data coverage, network connectivity, degrading antenna, etc.).

Challenge #3

You have physical infrastructure components such as base stations, AtoNs, buoys, or transponders – literally anything with an MMSI and or/connectivity source tag – for which you must ensure optimal performance of your AIS systems, as your critical operations rely on them.

Challenge #4

It’s time-consuming and hard to reach all your scattered AIS systems in person to check their status and performance.

Challenge #5

You don’t have the means to set up Aids to Navigations (AtoNs), nor to monitor their transmissions.

Challenge #6

You and your support team don’t receive alerts once a problem has been detected in your AIS systems.

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