Designed for proactive wind farm protection

Gatehouse Maritime’s Asset Monitoring service for wind farms is an automated surveillance and safety solution which minimizes the risk of ship collision and collateral damage on offshore wind turbines, transformer stations, and export cables. Compared to conventional safety measures, our solution is designed for proactive protection, to enable timely and precise responses to potential threats.

Proactive and cost-effective security

Timely communication and warnings are effective preventive measures to protect costly wind-farm assets from collateral damage, ensure uninterrupted operations, avoid environmental disasters and, ultimately, the loss of human lives.

Reduced operational costs

24/7 automated surveillance reduces the requirements for inspections. Operators’ time is freed for other tasks, thereby reducing or optimizing operational costs. Efficient surveillance can also reduce unplanned downtime to a minimum.

Continuous improvements

Advanced statistical analyses and reports of traffic patterns in and around wind farms enables continuous risk assessment and setting up improved security zones marked by virtual AtoNs or buoys.

Global offshore wind energy

The offshore-wind-farm production has doubled in recent years. In only a handful of decades, offshore wind has become one of the core power-generation technologies of Europe, according to McKinsey & Company. As the development paves the way for global adoption of offshore wind energy, it emphasizes the growing need for intelligent surveillance of offshore assets as a part of critical infrastructure.

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