GateHouse Webservices Overview

Welcome to the GateHouse REST Webservices.

The GateHouse Maritime Webservices enable an easy integration between a client system and the GateHouse Maritime System. All our webservices utilise standard REST protocols. In effect, the GateHouse webservice consists of a number of independent webservices, each catering to different parts of the GateHouse system. The individual webservices are listed in detail below.

Most of our webservices utilise the CRUD standard for managing objects and their state between a client system and the GateHouse system. Please refer to the individual pages for more information. Additionally, all services employ standard basic authentication over HTTPS, and otherwise rely on standard HTTPS for encryption.

Please note that some webservices remain experimental and that their respective interfaces may change with future updates. Accordingly, each call in the documentation will be marked as either PRODUCTION or EXPERIMENTAL. We, moreover, recommend customers utilising experimental features to pay close attention to any communication coming from GateHouse Maritime regarding potential changes to experimental webservices.