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Port Arrivals

By enabling the user to obtain a list of expected arrivals at a specific port, or cluster of ports, the port arrivals feature essentially serves the same purpose as the Destination Predictor; only that it exclusively looks at port calls.

To get information about predicted arrivals to a specific port, use the port LOCODE as key like:

GET /nextport/arrivals/LOCODE

To get information about arrivals to any ports within a cluster of ports, use the cluster name as key like:

GET /nextport/arrivals/CLUSTER

In both cases, the result will be a list of records of vessels going towards the port(s) in the following format:

{"imo":IMO,"locode":LOCODE,"probability":PROBABILITY, "eta":ETA},

Example. Notice the ETA may always be present if unknown.

{"imo":9085541,"locode":"DKAAR","probability":0.88, "eta": "2021-05-01T12:00:00"},
Updated on 12 April, 2021