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Vessel Port Calls

The vessel port calls is the essential feature of the Next Port module. For all IMO vessels—excluding local vessels such as fishing vessels, tugboats and pilot boats—the system will make continuous estimates of the most probable ports for the next port call.

To get information about a specific vessel, use the following webservice call:

GET /nextport/ship/IMO

To get information about next port calls for a list of vessels, use the shiplist name as key

GET /nextport/shiplist/SHIPLIST_NAME

In both cases, the result will be a list of records of next port calls for a list of vessels. Notice how each vessel will be listed multiple times with the most probably ports

{"imo":IMO,"locode":LOCODE,"probability":PROBABILITY, "eta":ETA},

Example. Notice the ETA may always be present if unknown.

{"imo":9085546,"locode":"NLRTM","probability":0.88, "eta": "2021-05-01T12:00:00"},
Updated on 12 April, 2021