Monitor and protect any offshore structure, cable or pipeline.

Gatehouse Maritime equips those tasked with risk assessment, deployment, operation, maintenance, or security of any offshore or subsea structure with sophisticated data-based solutions that enhance security and resilience throughout the lifecycle of the maritime structures.

We assist Maritime Guardians in protecting critical, maritime infrastructure from initial placement through ongoing operations to incident response. By preventing costly damages and minimizing downtime, we not only maintain the efficiency and reliability of these structures but also safeguard the services upon which our communities fundamentally rely for their safety and well-being.


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Subsea Cables or Pipelines

Subsea Cables or Pipelines

Annually an estimated 100–150 subsea cable faults occur world-wide with fishing accounting for nearly half of all reported faults, according to a report by UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the International Cable Protection Committee. When a cable is damaged, the cable company typically does not receive any notice from the mariners involved and it may be unclear whether those mariners were even aware of the incident. The substantial effects of cable faults and downtime underpin the importance of identifying and documenting perpetrating vessels to provide evidence for insurance purposes and to avoid similar future incidents. Explore more about protection of subsea cables.

Monitor and protect subsea cables

Offshore Rigs

Offshore Rigs

Enhanced visibility and early warnings of potential threats to the assets allow operators to protect oil and gas rigs and avoid expensive downtime caused by collisions with rig platforms or infrastructure. Advanced statistical analyses of traffic patterns around a rig platform or event type frequencies enable continuous risk assessment and provide direct decision support for setting up improved security zones around oil and gas rigs, such as virtual AtoNs. Learn more about detecting threats to offshore rigs.

Protect offshore rigs

Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore Wind Farms

Gatehouse Maritime’s Asset Monitoring service for wind farms is an automated surveillance and safety solution. It minimizes the risk of ship collision and collateral damage on offshore wind turbines, transformer stations, and export cables. Compared to conventional safety measures, our solution provides proactive protection, to enable timely and precise responses to potential threats. Learn more about protecting wind farm mills.

Protect wind farms

Protecting critical maritime infrastructure in all phases

Proactive: Planning and risk assessment 

Using historical data to pinpoint the safest locations for cable placement or placement of windmill farms or rigs is crucial to proactively avoid unnecessary risk exposure.

By leveraging Gatehouse Maritime’s access to historical data and predictive analytics, companies planning placement of maritime structures can minimize the risk of damage significantly. Our advanced tools allow you to compile comprehensive risk assessment reports, indicating with great precision where deployment of cables, windfarms or oil rigs should be avoided due to historical sailing and behavioural patterns. 

Real-Time: Monitoring and Protection 

A vessel has just entered a monitored area, displaying a pattern that suggests it is fishing and risking impact to the seabed—posing a major risk to subsea cables or pipelines. We should not wait for a disaster before acting. Using Maritime Domain Awareness solutions, you can set up geo-fencing to monitor the areas you want to protect. Within these boundaries, our pattern detection technology filters out only the vessels posing a real risk to your assets. You want alerts triggered by genuine threats, not by every ship that passes by. 

Although protecting critical infrastructure on land is standard, at sea, many structures remain unprotected even though ninety-five percent of all fiber optic cables traverse bodies of water. Structures like oil rigs or wind farms are often also left without any digital safeguards. 


Reactive: Refining Protective Measures 

If an asset is left unprotected and an incident occurs—such as a vessel dragging an anchor over a cable or colliding with a wind turbine—incident reports are used to take protective measures to prevent such damage in the future. At sea, setting up a physical barrier is rarely feasible, so turning to technology is essential. To warn other vessels from entering the area, Gatehouse Maritime’s platform can establish Aids to Navigation (AtoNs), serving as digital warning signs displayed on sea navigation maps. 

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Proactive, Real-time and Reactive Measures You Need to Know

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In this session, our Project Manager Morten Christian Larsen and Sales Director Thomas Scott Jensen will delve into the intricate world of maritime protection technology and its pivotal role in enhancing safety of the critical maritime infrastructure on which we all depend.

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Protecting Critical Maritime Infrastructure

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