Gatehouse Maritime Joins the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC)

We are excited to announce that Gatehouse Maritime has officially become a member of the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC). This prestigious membership marks a significant step in our commitment to advancing the safety and efficiency of subsea telecommunications. 

The ICPC is an esteemed organization that represents 98% of the world’s subsea telecom cables. As a member, Gatehouse Maritime gains access to unparalleled expertise in the planning, installation, operation, protection, and maintenance of these critical infrastructure elements. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver industry-leading software solutions and data services to the subsea telecom industry. 

Our role in the ICPC allows us to exchange valuable information with other members, enhancing our products and services to meet the unique needs of this sector. By participating in ICPC events, we can gather feedback and suggestions that drive the innovation of solutions that support the planning and protection of subsea cables. 

Jesper Noer, VP Commercial at Gatehouse Maritime, shared his enthusiasm about joining the ICPC:  
“We are thrilled to join the ICPC. We are going to learn a lot about the critical role of subsea cables, and I am sure that we can contribute to the committee with our extensive know-how in the monitoring and protection of these assets. Gatehouse Maritime has been assisting authorities and offshore asset owners with these services for more than two decades now and we are really looking forward to showing the ICPC how our shared efforts can secure these critical infrastructures.” 

Participation in the 2024 ICPC Plenary 

Further cementing our commitment, Gatehouse Maritime will actively participate in the upcoming 2024 ICPC Plenary. Taking place in Singapore from April 30 to May 2, the plenary’s theme, ‘Ensuring a Connected Future,’ promises to foster engaging discussions on the latest technologies, tools, and practices essential for maintaining the integrity of subsea cables globally. Our Sales Manager, Joel Box, will represent Gatehouse Maritime at the event. Joel looks forward to meeting with fellow ICPC members to discuss and explore their needs concerning subsea cable planning and protection solutions. 

Gatehouse Maritime is enthusiastic about the opportunities that our ICPC membership presents. We are dedicated to being an active contributor to the ICPC community, striving to enhance the security and functionality of the world’s subsea communication networks. 

For more information on our solutions or the ICPC, please contect Sales Manager, Joel Box.

Image from TeleGeography

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