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Select ship in aisWeb

Using the webservice it is possible to select a ship in aisweb.

This feature is useful in situations where a user is operating more tools. Using the webservice from 3rd party tools a ship could e.g. be selected in aisweb when a ship is selected in the 3rd party tool.

To allow remote control / remote ship selection a given user will have to allow this under the aisweb settings:

After enabling a icon will be shown in the view tab:

Trigger selection of a ship in aisweb by calling the API operation:


POST /ship/select


  "ship": [{
    "name": "MAJESTIC MAERSK"
  "username": "aisweb_username",
  "owner": "GateHouse" 



After a minor delay (the selection request will have to be picked up by aisweb) the ship will be selected.

Updated on 08 February, 2024