Part of GateHouse Maritime’s Ocean Visibility DaaS product suite, Container Tracking allows customers to monitor any container in real-time from port to port, ensuring end-to-end visibility for freight forwarders, cargo owners, solution providers, and other interested parties.

A typical container shipment follows a route like the below:

Working closely with ocean carriers, ports, and terminals while simultaneously utilising extensive in-house AIS expertise and data feeds, we track any container of interest from start to finish per the above loop. We carefully map all container milestones in accordance with the established DCSA standard.

As part of our offering, we further enrich the received data steam with real-time ETAs (estimated time of arrival) for any vessel on which the container is currently loaded, enabling even greater visibility and proactive decision making in the event of delays.

In addition to great visibility on a given container, we also provide extensive voyage information detailing every stop the vessel transporting your container(s) makes. This enables even greater transparency throughout the entire journey with actual, estimated, and scheduled timestamps being provided for every port call.

To get started, please see the following pages for detailed API information:

Additional features are available as part of our premium offering. Please get in touch if you are interested in a demo, or have any questions to our tracking solution in general. Please note that a premium plan is necessary for PUSH functionality.

Updated on 30 March, 2021