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Find Locodes

To use this GET request you will need to following information

  • a-api-key provided by Gatehouse
  • token retrieved from /authentication/login


Retrieving locodes only requires the above properties to be used correctly. After obtaining them you can retrieve all the locodes by appending this /locodes to the endpoint URL


Correct usage results in 200 response (created) in the format shown below

The request has succeeded. The meaning of the success depends on the HTTP method:
GET: The resource has been fetched and is transmitted in the message body.

    "id": integer, 
    "locode": string, 
    "name": integer, 
    "name_with_diacritics": string, 
    "pos": string, 
    "timezone": string

Example – List of locodes

    "id": 1, 
    "locode": "SE GOT", 
    "name": "Göteborg", 
    "name_with_diacritics": "Goteborg", 
    "pos": "57.0850,9.9577", 
    "timezone": "UTC-12:00"
Updated on 05 May, 2021