Avoid bottlenecks

Are you experiencing bottlenecks or inefficient workflows in your daily operations? Maritime analytics can provide you with the data needed to make fact-based decisions. The reports can be automated for easy access and distribution to relevant maritime operators. This can be particularly helpful for planning of resources and avoiding bottlenecks – to the benefit of all involved within your maritime operations.

Fact-based decisions

With Maritime Analytics you get a wide range of features specifically developed for analyzing vessel traffic by extracting valuable information from maritime data – hereby bridging the gap from data overflow to meaningful information.

Advanced filtering and reports

Our user interface is highly intuitive and simple, including various filtering opportunities. It allows users to generate highly specialized reports limited to specific criteria, periods of time, types of vessels, plot formats etc. The platform handles all maritime related data input sources such as AIS, radar, Sat AIS, LRIT etc.

Easy integration with existing systems

Analytics adds value to your existing system as it can be combined with whatever system you may have. There is no need to start all over to benefit from the valuable information provided by maritime analytics.

Statistical Package

How many vessels entered your port or a competing port last year? Which vessels passed through your waters, and how many were carrying dangerous cargo? Does your AtoNs match and support the actual vessel traffic?

Statistical features enable you to answer questions like these regarding vessel traffic in your domain. We provide you with the most advanced and user-friendly maritime statistics features on the market, to turn data into meaning.


Cost reductions and competitor analysis

Maritime data analysis is a powerful tool to optimize operations and thereby reduce costs. The most popular applications of analysis to obtain cost reductions include condition-based maintenance, environmental regulation compliance, and fuel consumption. AIS data analytics can also be used to estimate your competitors’ operations with useful information on volumes, vessel types or timings of the maritime traffic they handle. The possibilities are practically endless and relevant to any maritime operator.

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