Leveraging messages for proactive event communication and infrastructure protection

Messaging serves as a vital tool to effectively communicate crucial events within your maritime domain to relevant vessels and stakeholders. For instance, it enables proactive measures such as promptly notifying a vessel that has entered a protected zone, prompting it to either depart immediately or alter its course to safeguard critical subsea and offshore infrastructure.

Connecting you to vessels and stakeholders

Using OceanIntel’s messaging functionality, you have the ability to send messages directly to vessels and other stakeholders through the following three channels:

Inmarsat C-terminal​

The Inmarsat C-terminal provides reliable global communication, especially in remote areas. It overcomes connectivity issues using advanced satellite technology, ensuring consistent message delivery. This terminal is vital for sending operational updates in maritime or distant environments, offering seamless and quick transmission worldwide.

Base station transmitters

Send AIS based messages using base station transmitters. This feature requires that you have the possibility to transmit the message, as this is not provided by OceanIntel. By using base station transmitters, you can send a message directly to a specific vessel or broadcast a general geographic notice into the AIS network which can be received by all vessels in the area. Such geographic notices can be used to describe a specific area.

Cellular network and E-mail server​

Use a cellular network or email server to dispatch SMS and emails to relevant stakeholders you have defined within the system. This communication aims to inform them of an event, such as notifying coast guards, harbor masters, or monitoring centers.

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